Removal Of Uterine Polyps

Removal Of Uterine  Polyps

Best Polyps treatment in Bangalore

Polyps within the uterus (endometrial polyps) will cause serious menstrual bleeding, irregular bleeding between normal periods, or abnormal bleeding after menopause. For women of reproductive age, polyps will cause issue in conceiving or falling pregnant. In some women, the polyps don't cause any symptoms. These women solely recognize that they may have polyp after an ultrasound scan.

Our combined diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy offers a gold standard test to verify the presence of polyp. Not only polyps, however also different growths like fibroids and cancer can all be visually diagnosed with great accuracy through the hysteroscope. Are you looking for the best Polyps treatment in Bangalore? Dr Sunil Eshwar is the best doctor for this. Visit him today.

The polyp is then removed with the hysteroscope carefully or some special devices.

Removing the polyps will treat the symptoms that they cause. Pathology of the removed polyp is additionally a vital test to make sure there's no cancerous change within the polyps.

At last, if needed, a therapeutic procedure to treat heavy periods may be done in a similar surgery. Two of the common therapies are:

Insertion of “Mirena” – Mirena may be a special IUD (intrauterine device) that slowly releases a hormone known as levonorgestrel within the uterus. Except being an extremely effective contraceptive method, it's the primary and only contraception that's FDA-approved to treat heavy periods in women. Resection / ablation of endometrium – The lining of the uterus (endometrium) is carefully shaved off or destroyed by a special energy device connected to the hysteroscope.

Our specialist can sit down with you which treatment selection is the best for you, in keeping with your specific needs and conditions.

Hysteroscopic polypectomy is typically done in the hospital as a single-day procedure. Recovery usually takes 1-2 days only.

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