Polyp Of uterus

Polyp Of uterus

Best Polyps treatment in Bangalore

Polyps are little, grape-like protrusions or tissues that grow on the lining of the female internal reproductive organ (endometrium).

As they grow, they become fragile and bleed. Polyps area unit a standard reason for serious periods and irregular bleeding between normal periods. they will interfere with conception, inflicting problem in falling pregnant and fertility problems. They additionally cause abnormal haemorrhage after menopause. However, some women with polyps could have no symptoms.

In general, polyps within the female internal reproductive organ are benign (non-cancerous). However, once polyps are found, removal is sometimes suggested. The removed polyps are sent for pathology to rule out cancer. Dr sunil eshwar is the best doctor for Polyps treatment in Bangalore. Visit him today or book an appointment.

Polyps are removed with an endoscopic procedure referred to as hysteroscopic polypectomy. A fine, slender camera is employed to seem inside female internal reproductive organ and take away the polyp. The procedure may be done in an patient setting, though it's a lot of normally done as a day-surgery within a correct operation theatre with patient being put to sleep (general anaesthesia).

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