Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain

Best pelvic pain treatment in Bangalore

Chronic pelvic pain is a weakening condition. It will affect a woman’s daily activities, work performance and even sex life.

There are several structures within the pelvis. apart from the reproductive organs (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries), the pelvic cavity additionally contains intestine, bladder, urinary tract and nerves. Pain will arise from any of these structures.

If you've got chronic pelvic pain, it's necessary to discuss it with empathetic health professionals who will perceive your issues and their disturbances to your life. excluding your doctor, the treatment course may involve input from specialists in digestive system (gastroenterologists, large intestine surgeons), urologists and pain management specialists.

Our gynaecologist takes the role to find out if the pain is related to issues arising from the female genital system. a number of the common gynecological causes of chronic pain include endometriosis and pelvic adhesions. Sometimes, cysts within the ovaries could cause deep pelvic pain. Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery plays a key role in diagnosing and treating these gynecological conditions.

Endometriosis is present in one out of ten women and might cause chronic pain or painful periods. It comes in several forms and severities. laparoscopy (keyhole) is that the gold standard take a look at to diagnose endometriosis. The high-definition, magnifying camera permits doctor to possess an accurate read of pelvic structures. Looking for the best pelvic pain treatment in Bangalore? Then visit us today.

Experienced endometriosis surgeons will determine the subtlest form of endometriosis, and on the opposite hand, take away the disease in severe stage. a decent operating surgeon also formulates a tailored treatment set up that targets at removing all disease liable for the symptoms in a very safe way, whereas conserving fertility (if desired) and normal functions of pelvic organs.

Endometriosis is one among our specialised areas of interest.

Adhesions are abnormally shaped bands of tissues occurring between organs within the abdomen. they will be caused by previous surgery, Caesarean sections, or some infection within the pelvis. Adhesions can cause pain once they interrupt bodily functions. Laparoscopic surgery can take away the adhesions, permitting structures to move freely again.

Occasionally, a cyst on the ovary will cause pain. as an example, pressure exerted on the cyst will trigger a deep pain during sexual activity. With laparoscopic surgery, cysts can be removed in a minimally invasive way through tiny incisions.

It is our passion to assist women with chronic pain. Our experienced team conduct thorough tests and investigations to appear for any attainable causes of pain originated from female reproductive organs. In cases wherever no abnormalities can be known from the gynecological structures, we make sure that an professional team (e.g. internal organ surgeons, urologists and pain specialists) can still give the most effective care in a holistic manner.

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