Pelvic Masses

Pelvic Masses

Best pelvic treatment in Bangalore

The most common masses within the pelvis are fibroids from the womb and cysts from the ovaries.

These masses will cause pressure on adjacent structures like bladder and intestine. women might experience dragging sensation within the lower abdomen or urinary frequency. an cyst would cause acute severe pain if complications like haemorrhage, torsion and rupture occur. a woman could also be able to feel an oversized fibroid or cyst over the lower abdomen externally.

If you think that you just have a mass within the pelvis, a correct imaging, like an ultrasound scan, will find out if the mass originates from the female reproductive organs. Suffering from pelvic problem? Don’t worry Dr sunil eashwar is the best doctor for pelvic treatment in Bangalore.

Surgery is that the best way to take away an abnormal cyst or problematic fibroids. Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery offers a secure, minimally invasive alternative to ancient open surgery to diagnose and take away the pelvic mass.

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