Laparoscopic Cystectomy

Laparoscopic Cystectomy

Laparoscopic cystectomy treatment in Bangalore

It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to remove cysts from the ovaries.

During the procedure, a laparoscope (a thin, lighted tube with a camera) is inserted through small incisions in the abdomen, allowing the surgeon to see the cyst and surrounding tissue on a video monitor. Looking for the best Laparoscopic cystectomy treatment in Bangalore? Then visit us today.


Ovarian cysts: Laparoscopic may be recommended for the removal of ovarian cysts that are large or causing symptoms such as pain, discomfort, or pressure.

Who should perform surgery

It is a surgical procedure that involves removing cysts from the ovaries using a laparoscope surgical instrument. The decision to perform a laparoscopic cystectomy depends on several factors, including the size, location number, and type of cyst and fertility wishes.

Laparoscopic cystectomy is usually performed by a gynecologist or a surgeon with specialized training in laparoscopic surgery. One should have experience in performing laparoscopic cystectomy procedures and be familiar with the latest techniques and procedures.

How It Is Performed

Laparoscopic cystectomy is performed using specialized instruments and a laparoscope, which is a thin, lighted tube with a camera that allows the surgeon to see the cyst and surrounding tissue on a video monitor. The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia and can take several hours, depending on the size and location of the cyst.

Here are the general steps involved in a laparoscopic cystectomy:

  • Pre operatively the person is asked not to drink or eat for 8 hours.
  • It is done under general anesthesia to ensure it is painless.
  • Several small cuts ( 3 to 4) of 0.5cm size are madein the abdomen which is used to insert the laparoscope and specialized instruments.
  • Videolaparoscope is inserted through the incision, which allows the surgeon to view all the pelvic organs and the cyst on a video monitor.
  • Using specialized instruments like scissors and cautery the surgeon carefully removes the cyst and any affected tissue. The cyst may be removed in whole through a larger cut or cut into pieces and removed through one of the incisions.
  • Once the cyst has been removed, the larger incisions are closed with sutures or surgical glue.
  • The patiemt is monitored in recovery room for an hour and the shifted to the regular ward or room before being discharged from the hospital. Patients recover in few days to weeks
Advantages of laparoscopic cystctomy

Less pain

Smaller incisions

Faster recovery time

Shorter hospital stay

Lower risk of complications

Disadvantages of laparoscopic cystctomy

Technical challenges

Longer surgery time

Limited visualization

Risk of complications


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