Common infertility signs

Common infertility signs

Infertility is increasing and there are subtle and overt signs that one might ignore and not take timely advice and intervention. Many women are in search of fertility indicators of their own health . To know ones own fertility pattern there are various indicators that point out that all is well or not.

Here are some that one might look out for and reach for help:

Irregular periods: If the woman is experiencing cycle length of more than 35 days or less than 21 days , bleeding occurring in between the cycles.

Prolonged bleeding : More than 7 days

Heavy Bleeding : Clots during periods and flooding are not normal and might indicate further evaluation

Scanty flow: this can occur if there is PCOS or in other cases of very low ovarain reserve

Pain during menstruation : excessive pain incapacitating one to carry on routine activities

Vaginal discharge : any discharge that is heavy continuous, yellowish or curdy white associated with itching or foul smell.

Excessive weight gain: increase in weight might indicate thyroid dysfunction and lead to subfertility

Excessive hair growth : male pattern hair growth like upper lip, periareolar, abdomen, back, thighs

Acne: pimples on the face , upper back may indicate hormonal imbalance

Blackening of skin : velvety or blackish pigmentation or patches upper back or nape of neck might indicate insulin resistance and PCOS

Painful intercourse: Deep pain at intercourse might point to certain conditions like endometriosis

Drugs : Certain medications like anti psychotics, epileptics etc affect fertility

Recurrent abortions or pregnancy loss: this occurs due to various reasons in the uterus, cervix

Active and passive smoking and excessive alcohol intake affect the quality of egg and sperm and are a cause of recurrent pregnancy loss as well.

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