Endometriosis Surgery

Endometriosis Surgery

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Endometriosis is an under-diagnosed and under-treated issue. it's estimated that one in each ten women have endometriosis throughout their reproductive years. However, many women failed to understand that they have endometriosis till it causes severe pain or fertility issues. Indeed, multi-country studies show that there's a major delay of up to 7-12 years in the diagnosing of endometriosis. Looking for the best Endometriosis surgeon in Bangalore? Then look no further. You are in right place. Contact us.

Endometriosis can cause:

Painful periods or chronic pelvic pain that have an effect on normal activities

Fertility problems – even mild types of endometriosis will scale back probability of achieving pregnancy with natural conception

Scarring and adhesions around pelvic structures

Pain or dysfunction in bowel or urinary tract if these organs are affected

Why surgery?

A surgery is the gold standard to diagnose endometriosis and also the solely effective method to remove endometriosis. A surgery would be helpful to you if:

You have severe pain that desires a high dose of analgesics in long-term

Your pain affects your quality of life or normal activities despite the utilization of analgesics

You have a “chocolate cyst” (endometrioma), that is caused by endometriosis within the ovary

Your fertility specialist have instructed surgery to increase the possibility of natural conception or successful IVF

You have bowel, bladder or other organ dysfunction that are seemingly to be caused by severe endometriosis

What are the alternatives to surgery?

Medical treatments is also offered to patients with chronic pain or endometriosis. Though it's reasonable to use these medical treatments as first-line therapies to relieve symptoms, none of them will remove endometriosis. The symptoms and sickness can come back once the woman stops using the medication. These treatments are usually:

Simple analgesics - common ones are Panadol, Endone, Napropen, Ibuprofen

Hormone treatments – e.g. oral contraceptive pill

Mirena - a special intrauterine device that slowly unleash a hormone known as levonorgestrel

Hormonal treatments or Mirena don't seem to be appropriate for women who are attempting to get pregnant.

What do you expect after surgery?

What do you expect after surgery?

Compared to an open surgery, patients who have undergone a laparoscopic surgery have less pain and scarring, get back earlier and recover faster. Full recovery sometimes takes 2-3 weeks. The recovery time varies in keeping with the extent of the sickness and complexness of the surgery.

In the hands of experienced surgeons, women are six times a lot of likely to own reduced pelvic pain six months after their endometriosis surgery. For women with fertility issues, they're a lot of likely to fall pregnant when the surgery and have a take home baby.

For patients who don't seem to be progressing to get pregnant, there are choices of adjuvant medical treatment which will scale back the prospect of repeat within the future. Our specialists can discuss this with you.

For women who have had infertility problems, they'll attempt to get pregnant once the recovery period is over, either by natural conception or IVF.

What do I do now?

Every woman is individual and her situation needs a tailored plan of management. If you think that these problems relate to you, please contact us to arrange a private consultation and discussion of your case.

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